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Acrylic Road Marking Paint

Product Composition:

Be composed of acrylic resin, special resin, pigment, filler and organic solvent. 

Product Features:

★ The paint film has a flat appearance and the paint film is hard;

★ The compression resistance is high and the weather resistance is superior;

★ The drying performance is fast; the adhesion is high.

★ Bright and long-lasting color; excellent hiding power; good adhesion;

★ Good wear resistance and short drying time; single component is easy to construct;

★ Durable and durable, good water and corrosion resistance.

Widely used in roads, traffic lines, workshops, warehouses, stadiums and other places to set the line. Road marking paints are usually white or yellow for everyday traffic, fingering traffic areas, and traffic signs. This coating adheres well to asphalt, stone or cement and is resistant to traffic and environmental influences.

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