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Fire resistant intumescent paint


Interior Steel Fireproof Coating is a new type of fire retardant coating composed of new organic composite resin and filler, and the latest type of flame retardant, foaming agent, char forming agent and catalyst. Sprayed on the surface of steel structure, usually plays a decorative role. In case of fire, it can expand and thicken and carbonize, forming a non-flammable sponge-like carbon layer, thereby improving the fire resistance of steel structure to more than 2 hours, winning fire extinguishing time and effectively protecting steel. Structural buildings are protected from fire. 

Product Usage:
It is used for fire protection of beams, columns and steel pipes of gymnasiums, exhibition halls, power plants, airports, station waiting rooms and industrial plants with exposed load-bearing steel structures. It has excellent anti-corrosion, heat preservation and decoration effects.

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