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Level Troll 400 data logger

Get water level data the way you want it, when you want it with industry-leading water level/pressure and temperature data loggers. By partnering with In-Situ, you receive durable Level TROLL® Data Loggers that provide years of service, accurate results, intuitive software, and real-time functionality.

Product specifications
Operational temperature -20 to 80° C
Accuracy ±0.05% FS from -5 to 50° C
Battery 3.6V lithium; 10 years or 2M readings
Data records 120'00
Data logs 50 logs
Sensor type Absolute (non-vented)
30 psia 11 m
100 psia 60 m
300 psia 200 m
500 psia 341 m
Long-term stability <0.1% FS
Resolution ±0.005% FS or better
Product accessories

Official Distributor of IN-SITU Brand 

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