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Asphalt Pavement Sealer

Asphalt pavement sealer (APS) is a kind of new pattern eco-friendly silicone based driveway sealer, it belong to oil based material, which can penetrate into the aged asphalt pavement structure, enhance road sealing and waterproof performance, improve aggregates adhesion, thus to effectively solve the asphalt aged problem. After spraying the asphalt pavement sealer, it can prolong the road service time to another 5 years.

Technical Advantages:

  1. Enhance the stability and distortion resistance of asphalt pavement, repair ≤3mm crack, no need to cut the crack or use crack filler. 
  2. Reduce the damage caused by repeated freeze-thaw circle.
  3. Cut down the pore or crack explosion damage caused by car wheels movement in moisture environment. 
  4. Permanently repair the pothole and crack in asphalt pavement to give the water proof and wet resistance performance (positive side and back surface). 
  5. With chloride resistance and strong corrosion resistance chemicals. Experiment Proved: APS could reduce over 50% defrost salt volume, cut down more than 50% defrost time at the same time.
  6. Asphalt pavement sealer usage is only 0.3~0.5kg/m2 with low maintenance cost, one step spraying, construction is very simple, open to traffic within 4-5 hours.

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