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Hot Melt Crack Sealant

Based on the heavy traffic on the current asphalt road, irregular cracks of varying degrees will appear after the first winter. 

Irregular cracks will also appear when the original road surface is widened, and when the subbase quality is not good enough.

Our technicians have repeatedly tested the cracks in the asphalt pavement and developed a high-quality asphalt pavement sealant. 

The product has strong adhesion, high temperature non-stick wheels, low temperature non-brittleness, anti-aging and other characteristics, 

our hot melt crack sealant quality has been recognized by worldwide road maintenance and construction companies approval.

Product specifications
1 • Adapt to temperature -30℃ to 60℃, no flow at high temperature, no sticking to wheels, no brittleness at low temperature
2 • When the crack sealant temperature is between 170℃ and 200℃, start to fill the joints; the temperature of the joints is recommended to be above 10℃
3 • After 15-30 minutes of filling, the traffic can be opened.
4 • 12.5kg per box, 80 boxes on a pallet Shelf life unopen: 1 year
Product accessories

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