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BaroTROLL Data Logger

The BaroTROLL Data Logger with can be used with the Aqua TROLL 100/200 or Level TROLL 400/700 water level loggers for atmospheric compensation. Or use it with vented systems to calculate barometric efficiency. Sub-1-inch construction fits smaller-diameter wells and user-friendly Baro Merge software efficiently post-corrects multiple data logger files from a single unit. Get reliable data and years of service from this rugged instrument with titanium construction and long-life batteries. And easily connect to your telemetry for real-time data and alerts.

Product specifications
Range 30 psia (usable up to 16.5 psi; 1.14 bar)
Weight 124 g
Memory 60,000 records; 2 logs
Fastest logging rate 1 per min
Units of measure Pressure: psia, kPa, bar, mbar, mmHg, inHg, cmH2O, inH2O
Accuracy ±0.1° C
Operating temperature -20 to 80° C
Product accessories

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