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Extech HDV650-10G

Inspection Camera with 25mm camera head, 60° FOV/Long Depth of Field Probe (10m)

The Extech's HDV650-10G Plumbing Videoscope Kit unveils problems with its large, waterproof, rugged, high definition color display and a 10 meter snake probe with 25 mm diameter camera head. The Extech HDV65010G has a built-in bright lights which help illuminate the problem area deep within the pipelines. The camera probe is rugged enough to dislodge small clogs. The Extech HDV650 10G is ideal for inspecting P-traps, 90s, drains, pipeline runs, and more. Complete with VideoScope, 25mm camera probe, SD card, 3.7V rechargeable battery, patch cable, AC adapter (110-240V, four plugs), USB and AV cables, and hard carrying case.

Product specifications
Minimum Focus distance 60mm
Field of View 65°
Shaft diameter 25mm
Working length 10m or 30m
*LCD Color TFT Display 14.5cm size; 13.5cm viewable
Pixels 640 x 480 VGA pixel resolution
Frame Rate 30 fps frame rate (NTSC & PAL)
Operating up to 4 hours AVI video
Product accessories

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