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Alcoblow Rapid Alcohol tester

The AlcoBlow® is a rapid screener which detects the presence or absence of alcohol in the body. This easy-to-use, portable device is invaluable to the Police at the roadside, to an employer in the workplace or in any environment where multi-screening is a necessity. 

· Easy-to-use: just 2 control buttons

· Reliable analysis in seconds

· Simple display system: result shown on a single LED

· No mouthpiece required

· No physical contact

· Dual mode: active and passive

Product specifications
Analytical principle Lion fuel cell sensor
Response Time Within 3 seconds of sampling
Recovery Time 2 seconds at zero alcohol; 20 seconds at 0.50mg/l BrAC
Operating Temperature Range -5°C to +40°C
Power Supply 4 x AA batteries (5,000 breath tests)
Weight Approx. 300g (including batteries)
Dimensions 265 x 45 x 40mm
Product accessories

Official Distributor of LION LABORATORIES Brand 

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